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adam Raines
04-01-1999, 01:59 AM
<br>Just a quick note:<p>BMW Car Club and A/D/S/ will be offering a seminar class on<br>May 22, 1999 in Owings Mills Maryland.<p>This seminar is free and open to all BMW owners. Discussion will<br>be on upgrading existing audio systems while maintaining the <br>factory head unit. Getting better sound from the E-36,E-39, and<br>Z-3 cars.<p>A/D/S is proud of its history with BMW and the local chapter of <br>the BMWCCA have aranged for reps to be present from both A/D/S <br>and BMW to discuss stereo upgrades.<p>The event will be held at Sound Solutions, Inc. It is located at<br>10720 Reisterstown Road. If you have questions please call Sound <br>Solutions at 410.581.0005.<p>See some of the A/D/S/ ideas at<p>Thank You

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