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Scott N
04-01-1999, 10:08 PM
An absolutely beautiful day in Portland Oregon today. I left work a couple of hours early, and hit 1200 miles for the first stage of my break in.<p>I have this great stretch of road going to my house (well, one corner anyway). It's a road that goes from a 45 to a 55 zone, but the best part is there's a 270 degree onramp, slightly uphill, and marked at 25mph.<p>I've been taking it at 35-40 in 3rd up to today. Very casual.<br>This is the first time I dropped it into second and went into the corner... I about hurt myself (whiplash - not wrecking). Yes, this car does 40-60 in a heartbeat - in a hard corner.<p>Man I love dry pavement!!!!<br>-me

04-02-1999, 09:43 AM
Sounds like fun Scott! I can't wait. Just under 1000 miles to go!<p>Jim

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