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04-02-1999, 02:01 PM
I heard about this site recently and again on the radio this morning so I decided to check it out.<p>Believe it or not, claims that you can now order a car *at* invoice price! You build your car with the options that you want and everything is priced at invoice. Then you place an order with a $500 deposit on your credit card. You then secure financing and wait for your car to be built by the manufacturer and when it's ready, they deliver it to you at a location you specify on a flatbed truck and you pay them. Shipping is free for initial customers.<p>So I built an Estoril Blue M Coupe and all the prices are invoice. If everything they say is true, this might just be the place to buy a new car. For now, the service is only available in California. Check it out!<p>--Hunpin

Fred Meloan
04-02-1999, 05:10 PM
HP:<p>I am sorry to say that I grew up in the country many years ago. However, I did learn one thing. If if sounds too good to be true, it generally is.<p>Be sure to report back when you pick up that car at invoice plus $500.<p>Fred Meloan<p>

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