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05-04-1999, 07:30 AM
I asked for the following picture from Kathy Lyle, treasurer of the BMW CCA, after hearing that she was preparing an M coupe for racing. I don't have any other shots of the interior, but this one shows part of the roll cage that has been put into the car, the racing seat, and harness. If you guys want more information, speak up so that Kathy will know you're interested in her plans for the car.<p><center><img src="/z3coupe/images/lyle/lylecoupe04.jpg" height=480 width=640 alt="Kathy Lyle's M coupe's rollcage and racing seat"></center><p><br>--Alan

05-04-1999, 08:30 AM
Keep us updated on Kathy's car Alan. Thanks.<p>Jim

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