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05-05-1999, 02:39 PM

05-05-1999, 02:59 PM
$39,000<p><br>dan<p><p><br><i>: -<p></i>

over over? See your 4-15 post (more)
05-05-1999, 04:03 PM
<i>Buy the S4 and bother the posters at<br></i>

05-05-1999, 04:41 PM
I bet you could even beat 39K on a 99, since the 00s are in production.<p><i>: -<p></i>

05-05-1999, 08:36 PM
That post was for the 00.<br>I found a 99 and I'd like to see if the guy is giving a good deal since the 00's are out.<br>No one else complained about my posts. I am just trying to make an informed decision here and silly me I thought that BMW and Audi enthusiasts would be forecoming with their opinions ( most of them were ).<p>

05-05-1999, 10:29 PM

Greg M
05-06-1999, 05:42 AM
<i>: -<p></i>

Scott N
05-06-1999, 09:57 PM
<i>: -<p></i>

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