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Mr M Coupe
05-08-1999, 10:50 PM
I was driving today and decided to floor my M Coupe just to stretch its legs... <br>Well, the car sped up to the light, but then as I stopped the RPM's were hanging at around 2500...... <br>My leg was off the gas, but the traction control was off.....<br>I tried to switc on the tractions contorl and then off just to see if the rpm's will drop....but nothing happened...<br>After a few seconds....everything was normal.....<br>I tried to floor it again, but it did not pull that hard... <br>What's wrong.. <br>Is there a current bulletin on it or...??!?!?!<br>Help... I want my baby to be fine again.. <br>Thanks .... <br>Mr M coupe

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