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05-10-1999, 08:24 AM
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05-14-1999, 07:16 AM
Tell me a little about the handling, I am scheduled for Road Atlanta next weekend. trailing throttle oversteer seems strong. Will tire pressures affect this much? <p>With the roll bar installed, do you also have seats and harrnesses? I will be straight stock, tires included. <p><i>: Here are some pictures of my M coupe at Road America this past weekend. The event was a driving schools with Windy City BMW CCA. If you look very close you can make out the roll bar. More pictures and stuff can be found at 'The M coupe and Z3 coupe Site'. <p><br></i>

05-16-1999, 09:48 PM
The car has coil-overs, adjustable shocks and caster/camber plates on it along with race seat and harness. It's starting to handle very well. I get many request for rides. Comments that I hear are; car is very flat, it turns in very well, hooks up to power, very fast.<p>I ran the car in April at Putnam Park with stock 8080E tires at 32lbs all around (recommended factory setting) car handled well. I have instructed two students one at Putnam in a Z3 coupe and one at Road America in a M coupe and both students ran the same 32lbs all around and we keep the cars out of the weeds.<p>If the car has to much understeer or oversteer add a few pounds of air to the opposite end of the car that is moving. <p>

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