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Josh Armantrout
05-19-1999, 01:04 PM
Hi guys,<p>I live in Racine, WI. It's a small-medium town south of Milwaukee. A few weeks ago my dad saw a silver M Coupe in town, and today my sister saw it again. I was surprised that there is another one here. I was just wondering if it belongs to anyone who reads this board.<p>--Josh

Limerick man.
05-19-1999, 01:30 PM
<i>: <br>There once was a man from Racine<br>Who invented a funny machine<br>Concave or convex<br>It would fit either sex<br>With attachments for those in-between<br></i>

05-19-1999, 03:11 PM
There once was a woman from Exitir,<br>So pretty the men craned their necks at her.<br>One was even so brave,<br>As to take out and wave<br>The distinguishing mark of his sex at her.<p>Touche

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