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05-30-1999, 01:21 AM
What an enjoyable evening Raymond (aka "Ray") and I had tonight in Seattle! He has his yellow 1999 "///M coupe" and I have my Titanium Silver w/black 2000 "///M coupe" that I acquired on 5/12. A beautiful evening, perfect for a little cruisin'. We left from my house and visited two of the more popular "cruise-in" hang-outs. You should've seen the lQQks we got when we pulled in with our 2 Coupes! At the 2nd place we stopped, there was immediately 6 to 8 people checking out our "rides" as we walked away to check some of the street rods.<p>I took some photos of our Coupes tonight and I must say, the yellow and silver colors look VERY striking when parked together!... will post 'em as soon as I use up the film.<p>Following Ray on the freeway afterwards, the "serious" agressive look of these cars from the rear is just too cool for words! Also took a couple photos of Ray's Coupe looking into my rear view mirror while he was behind me ... hope the shots turn out.<p>Just turned 1,000 miles on mine. Gee, another 200 miles and I can bump the R's to 5500! <p>Thought you'd appreciate the note that a couple of "Coupe Owners" made a few people envious tonight.<p>Take care,<br>Doug

06-01-1999, 10:37 PM
<br> Hey guys,<p>I just ordered a 2000 M Coupe....titanium silver with grey interior. They are telling me Aug. to Sept . delivery. Sound right to you?<p>Very anxious.<p>Thanks.

06-05-1999, 06:54 PM
Looking forward to see the photos. I think there's another yellow coupe around here. Jamie Hankins, guy who tried to sell his RX-7, just posted a message saying that he just picked up his Y2k yellow coupe, and he said that he's from the Seattle area. Have you seen him on the road? <p>Ray

Jamie Hankins
06-06-1999, 08:44 PM
Yep! What a rush! I picked it up yesterday! It'll be pretty much exclusively on the East Side.<p>Jamie

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