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Max Stepanenko
07-28-1999, 02:53 PM
Well I got the latest on the group purchase of the competition short shifter kit with ERK and Delrin Carrier Bushings. The regular price for the kit is $275 for the short shifter with ERK plus $25 for the bushing. We get it for $249.00 for everything. That means weíre saving $51. Right know there are 8 people who are interested in the purchase but if we get more, Iím sure I can get a better deal. So come on guys, join in. Itís a great product. BTW, it is the same kit that UUC motorwerks is selling, it considered to be 2nd best on the market the first one is made by AC Schnitzer and cost around $1200.00 US dollars.<br>Iím trying to contact UUC to try to get their price quote. I will let you know.<p>To read more about the short shift kit go to:<p>TMS<p>UUC - this site has all the info on the kit plus comparison with other kits<p>Regards,<p>Max Stepanenko <br>A.k.a. ACS M3<p>PS. Iím not associated in any way with TMS or UUC or any other company and will not profit anything from this purchase except for the GREAT product<p>

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