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11-20-2000, 11:45 PM
was impressed in the way the car rode, very smooth lots of kick. The interior was nice and the leather and ergos also very impressive...but my M Coupe is still better :)<p>KR3<br>00 estoril blue

11-21-2000, 10:26 AM
I've had a Boxster S for almost 2 weeks now in place of my coupe. I must say, it is very nice, yet lacking something. Cornering is super sweet, and the high rpm engine whirrr is great. I can't knock the looks with the top down, cept for the a-hole looking tail pipe. With the top up it shows you the plastic rear window. Ugg... what the hell was Porsche thinking? Even the new miata has a glass rear window. The interior seems to be very cheap. The dash is clear, and very well presented. The stereo is just about as spectacular as the HK in our coupes. Then there is the ever present cam whine. Don't get me started. <p>IMHO, the BoxterS is very nice, and anyone that has the money to spend to get the options to bring it up to the average persons standards puts you way ahead of the M coupe price point. Of course, you can throw in the name game, and even go down a step and talk about cheap, powerfull American cars that go fast, but fall apart. The coupe is just the better value. It gives you speed, nice handling, great interior, etc.. etc.. for a perfect price.<p>Coupe = Agressive fun<br>Boxster S = Passive Agressive fun<p>You choose.....

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