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Brad Willis
05-19-2000, 11:20 PM
I mentioned before that LoJack had agreed to reduce the $595 regular price of their theft recovery system to $495 if we did 1-30 units, and knock off $200, bringing the cost down to $395 if we did 31+ units. LoJack has generously agreed to offer the system installed to SoCal Audi TT Club members for $395, regardless of how many units are sold. So if you call them, $395 plus tax will be your price. That price includes installation and there are no monthly charges. <p>I often hear folks say, "I don't want that, because if my car is stolen it will be so thrashed, I wouldn't want it back". Well, many LoJack recoveries occur within 24 hours, often before there is much damage. So if you could get your car back quickly with very little damage, of course you would want it back. <p>Generally, your insurance does not pay you for the replacement value of your car, only its fair market value, which is what your car would have gone for used in the Auto Trader. So, you may get back thousands less than what you paid for it. Also, if you buy another new car, you will have to once again pay tax, license, registration and you could be talking about thousands of additional dollars for those fees. Plus, you must continue to make payments on the stolen car until your claim is settled, and you may also have to pay an insurance deductable, AND your insurance rates may go up too. <p>So, this is not such a bad deal, and the reduction in your insurance premiums will probably pay for $395 cost over the next few years. <p>Once again, this deal is good regardless of where you live, so long as the system is operated in the area. The catch is that you must tell them that you are calling about the SoCal Audi TT Club group buy. Just keep things simple and say you are a club member, regardless of what make or model of car you own. <p>Once again, our contact is Jill Lewis, and she can be reached at 800-929-2000. If that number doesn't work in your area, call her at 310-286-2610.

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