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06-05-2000, 10:57 AM
Hello, everyone!<br>Here's the scoop...<br>There will be two (2) separate fees for the F1 Corral: there will be a parking fee (per car), and there will be a food fee (per person). <p>It will cost $50 per car to park at the BMW corral for September 21-23 (Friday through Sunday). The parking lot is flat gravel and will be limited to the first 40 cars of BMW CCA members and their accompanying guests. Although there will be mostly BMWs, there will be a few cars of other marques (mostly rentals), which will be parked separately from the BMWs. The $50 fee also includes a windshield placard that we will send to you, which will allow you to pass through police traffic barricades, making your drive to the track MUCH quicker and easier!<p>The food fee will be $10 per person, and will include the following:<br>Friday: Donuts and coffee in the AM, and a cookout in the PM <br>Saturday: Donuts and coffee in the AM<br>Sunday: Catered breakfast in the AM <br>There will also be refreshments available at all times, including soft drinks, beer, and snack food.<p>As an optional Saturday evening activity, there will be a dinner at the Rathskeller, which is a German restaurant located in downtown Indianapolis. Please give us an approximation for your attendance so<br>that we can make a reservation. The cost for this dinner is NOT included in the $10 food fee.<p>Because parking is limited to THE FIRST 40 CARS, we will put you on the list when we receive your check for the necessary amount. We will use postmark dates to eliminate any kind of discrimination, so everyone has an equal chance to get into the parking lot.<p>There are a few hotel rooms that we have "held" in Nashville, IN, which is about 45 miles South of Indianapolis. Nashville is surrounded by<br>roads that are full of hills and curves -- very nice to drive! If you need a room and can't find one (they're pretty booked up for that weekend, anywhere in or around the city of Indianapolis), just let us<br>know and we can try to hook you up.<p>Please make your checks out to Hoosier BMW CCA, Inc., mail them to:<br>Andy Simonson<br>7000 Rodebaugh Road<br>Indianapolis, IN 46268<br>Please include a note regarding:<br>1. The car you plan on bringing<br>2. How many people will be attending<br>3. Dinner plans for the Saturday night function<p>If you have any other comments, suggestions, or<br>questions, please feel free to contact us via email <br>(<br>or phone (317-293-6479).<p>Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to seeing you in<br>September!<br>Sincerely,<br>Andy Simonson<br>Hoosier BMW CCA <p><p>

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