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10-23-2001, 09:45 AM
Ok here is the deal, after spending over $250 on these so-called “XENON” lights; I have come to this conclusion. There are just too many brads out there; the first thing I did was do some research. I went to and it as a topic about the different types of “xenon lights”. Basically there are three types. Bulbs that are coated blue with xenon gas in the bulb, xenon upgrade that just includes the bulb and igniter, and the OEM headlight assembly.<br>1. Bulbs coated with blue xenon gas.<br>-Cheapest way to get closest to true factory HID Xenon<br>-some are just too over priced such as JIMMIY’s ($120) got a pair. for only $30 a pair, for $22 EACH!!<br>-autosupermat was the worst, less light than the stock.<br>-don’t even consider (narva lights) too expensive ($12-20 EACH) and delivery took exactally 36 days. ( I even payed by paypal)<br>-What was surprising is that and were the same light bulb from, just with different labels and packaging.<br>2. Xenon upgrade<br>-Don’t even consider it. See for yourself visit the web pages at COST WAY TOO MUCH MONEY, WHO IS GOING TO INSTALL IT? (not any do it you selfer can do this) CHECK LOW BEAM MESSAGE WARNING WILL COME ON. ($500 – $800 excluding installation)<p>3. OEM headlights<br>-Same as above but multiply the cost by 3 and multiply the labor work to install the headlight by 7. were talking about thousands of dollars here. ($1500 – 2500)<p>I currently drive a 1995 325i (original owner) and never once replaced any bulbs in my car, except one brake light. These bulbs claim they last 3x 4x time longer than stock (I just got to wait to see if that is true)., and had good shipping and customer care. <br>PS. The owners of are twin sisters I think. Sheila and Sandra. (Don’t get any ideas, LOL).<p>Harvey Mandel<br>

Tom Sederburg
11-05-2001, 05:22 PM
Hi Harvey,<p>I got some superwhite blubs off to replace my Range Rover fog and driving lights and they are fantastic.<p>I'm thinking about buying one of those Phillips HID conversion kits off but I dont know.... I dont think it would be that hard to find someone able to install it but the price does have me worried about what I'm going to do if I can't.<p>Later,<br>Tom

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