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05-21-2002, 12:43 PM
Jaguar has officially announced the postponement. It sounds like the project is shelved for at least 4 years, which means it won't hit the streets for at least 6 years. Glad I picked up an X-Type to tide me over! It's not a convertible, but it's a blast to drive (and much easier to justify to the wife!)<p><br>Jaguar postpones plans to develop F-Type roadster<br>By MARK RECHTIN<br>Automotive News<p>LOS ANGELES - Jaguar Cars Ltd. has postponed plans to develop its much-anticipated F-Type roadster, citing budget pressures and a need to concentrate on other products. <p>Jaguar has 17 product programs coming in the next four years. They include redesigns of the XJ sedan, XK grand-touring convertible and the S-Type. <p>Concentrating on those programs was seen as more important to Jaguar's long-term success than the F-Type, spokesman Simon Sproule said. <p>Said Sproule: "Jaguar is still emotionally wedded to doing the F-Type. We just need to do other things more urgently."

05-21-2002, 06:43 PM
That is a shame about the F-Type. Just read the Autoweek article and read a rumour of postponement on yesterday. I think it's most unfortunate considering the F-Type would broaden Jag's sports car line and compliment the XK range. I enjoy the Jaguar sedans but want to see another sporting coupe in addition to the XK range.

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