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09-17-1998, 06:01 PM
i saw this on the digest and thought somebody might be interested<p>Bruce<br>98 M roadster<br>*******************<p>Date: Thu, 17 Sep 1998 09:33:09 -0700<br>From: "James Donohoe" <><br>Subject: 1975 2002/E30 M3 Conversion for sale<p>A friend is selling this so please don't respond to me, his email address is at the bottom.<p>1975 2002 body<br>1989 (E30) M3 motor, Dinan chipped<br>(calif. certified conversion)<br>CR 320is 5-speed<br>320is LSD<br>tii front struts & brakes<br>320is rear brakes<br>Suspension Techniques springs & swaybars<br>Bilstein Shocks<br>Camber plates<br>Front strut bar<br>Recaro seats<br>New carpet<br>Alpine/PPI stereo<br>BMW Sport Wheel<br>New exterior trim & rubber<br>Ultra straight body, no rust whatsoever<br>A/C<br>15" 2pc Basketweave wheels<br>Yokohama A509's (<5k use)<p>Conversion was performed by Carl Nelson in 1996. Since then, less than 5000 miles have been put on the car. We just don't have the time for it, and really is a shame for it to sit unused.<p>Priced at $9750.<p>Photos available via email. Car is located in SF Bay Area<p>Email:

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