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KC Ron Carter
05-20-2002, 08:08 PM
My last car that I will build, right after the 635turbo, I promised my wife no more.

My latest plan. I have provided this to others and now find I must also do this to be happy.

I did a quick check and can not find if the 524d uses the same exhaust gasket as the M20 325i and 325e engines. I remember reading about a BMW Mechanic doing this very thing.

The key thing is the exhaust manifold will fit the M20 head.

1. I will need the oil filter housing and oil lines to the turbo.
2. I will need the turbo oil return fitting from the oil pan or the oil pan and line.
3. I will need the exhaust manifold and the exhaust manifold studs from the 534d head, should be very long.
2. I will need the turbo & waste gate + associated lines for power control.
3. I will want all the intake tubes I can get including the intercooler if it has one.
4. I will need the right hand engine mount since it is made to allow the turbo.
5. I will need a lot of patients to get this to work.
6. As much of the exhaust down pipe as I can get. Almost forgot this.
7. Got the differential of 3.46 to 1. Just broke my 3.25 today.

Below I will list what I will have to cobble together or buy.
1. A Cartech rising rate FMU, approx $250. To replace the turbo monotronic fuel controller by enriching the fuel to prevent detonation. Just installed one on my 635 project.
2. A Used 325i or 325es head to install on the 2.8 liter eta. This will give me 7.5 to compression which is great for the turbo and the high lift of the 325i cam with the high RPM double springs.
3. A Turbo pressure guage, $50
4. An air fuel mixture guage, $100 to verify no lean conditions ever.
5. The Ford Mustang Injectors at 27# to allow for added flow, $130.
6. An intercooler if Idid not get it above, $100.
7. A very understanding exhaust shop to weld something that works together. $200
8. An 325I computer and Jim C. chip to get added RPM, $180.
9. Better clutch, $200
10. Forgotten issues $500.

I tried not to spare my wallet so you can get a picture of what speed cost me. How fast do I want to go??

Please review and advise.

Ron Carter
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KC Ron Carter
05-20-2002, 08:15 PM

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