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05-21-2002, 06:21 PM
I'm bringing a discussion thread from the e24 board. I'm nearing the final lap of a 633 resto/improvement project. Done to date:

3.45 diff
resonnator delete
large primary headers and custom fabbed dual exhaust
recurved ignition
5 speed swap
K&N cone
Front Stress bar
16" x 8" five spokes with 225/45's
Bilstein sports
RD springs and sway bars

Very nice results.

Next step - Eaton M-90 supercharger (already on the bench). I've got lots of experience with blown engines (some with turbos) and have had generally better results with blowers. Since I have an older 6 with the intake with separate runners, my thinking is that I will delete the runners and the plenum and fab up a rectangular aluminum airbox mounted right on the injector flange to which the blower will mount. Mocked up a design and it'll fit with a throttle body firing aft, mounted directly on the blower. Originally, I was worried about asymmetrical airflow and the off-idle response problems associated with small air boxes. However, Summit sells an intake kit to mount an Eaton M-62 on a 4.0 liter Ford V-6 that's only about 3/4" thick and they have no problems with off-idle response.

I'll have to spin the blower from the crank (since I don't want to bother converting all the accessories to serpentine belt pulleys.. If I fab up a serp pulley to the front of the current crank pulley, there'll be no room for the fan.

Here's the question - How to dool the motor?


1. Stay with stock A/C fan only.

2. Reset stock A/C fan to turn on at different (lower) temp levels.

3. Replace stock fan with aftermarket unit.

4. Another option?

Anyone have any experience with cooling a blower motor entirely electrically? (I don't)

Anyone have any sage advice?


KC Ron Carter
05-21-2002, 06:41 PM
these motors overheat.

I might recommend Metric Mechanic, see the WEB link below.

They have lots of experience with the BMW at over 400hp.

They build and sell super cooling kits.

Jim Rowe is quoted in most articles on Torque and horsepower.

He did a chapter in the BMW Companion.

He only answers questions by phone but has never failed to provide a resource or the answer.

You may want to checkout the Cartech FMU to make the fuel go rich during boosted operations. I did a picture of my instalation and will include it here. My best jury rig this year. Used muffler clamp to provide spring mounting.
<img src="">

Ron Carter
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