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05-23-2002, 03:04 PM
Looking for specs for the 745 cylinder head, specifically, combustion chamber volume, intake/exhaust valve size, and any other info that might be avaialable...Also, does anyone know where I can get the specs for the schrick 282 camshaft for that head? Any help would be much appreciated...thanks, Jim

KC Ron Carter
05-23-2002, 04:54 PM
Tomorrow so I will ask. Lets see from KC it's US MO 7 to Richland, it is the biggest building in town and has a green roof.

He has written more articles on heads than I have replaced and I have pnuematic tools to speed me up.

I have a type 1 745i head in the trunk to be hand delivered, not delicate just cheaper.

No information on CAM from me. Should be the same as 3.5 suxer.

In the mean time I will add a site that has a lot of 745i info.
Found this there.

Combustion chamber volume (cm³/in³) 59.5 ± 1 / 3.63 ± 0.06
Valve diameter (mm) Intake valve 46
Exhaust valve 38
Exhaust valves are sodium filled to transmit heat away from valve tulip to limit preignition. $45 a piece.

Ron Carter
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KC Ron Carter
05-25-2002, 12:07 PM
Schrick Camshaft (022.01.840-04) for Mototronic 2 (9/84 > without distributor drive

Lots of builders recommend Schrick Cams, they typically see an increase of 10HP to the rear wheels on normal asperation.

That is normal vacuum motor and with a puffer the increase would be exponential.

The SUXER has almost 80 deg. of intake duration when no or little fuel is brought in. That is why the scavenging headers give the boost they do. They syphon fuel and air charge into the cylinder.

With a puffer the pressure is all through the duration and that is where the big power comes from.

With a puffer improving the size of the fuel charge is not a big deal just raise the boost and hang on.

Specifications for Schrick 284:

Cam Lift Duration °CRA Valve Timing Valve lift
(valve lift) Intake/Exhaust °CRA at TDC
I/E [mm] Peak Timing IO-IC-EO-EC I/E [mm]

8.7/8.6 284/280/110 32-72-70-30 1.9/1.7
Recommended Valve Springs: 1985- (056.02.062/022)

Having posted this, I am going with a late, 1988, M30 BMW with 264 lift and 112 duration on my project. Less chance of valve spring oscillation at high RPM. Jim Rowe my Wizard of lower MO talked me into it. Oh yes, be sure to checkout my post on the swirl cut.

Ron Carter
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05-25-2002, 01:58 PM
Thanks for all the info Ron...My receipt indicated a Schrick 282 Motronic went into the engine (before I purchased the car) so I'll try to contact Schrick directly to see if the data differs...thanks again for the help! Jim

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