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Nick T.
06-06-2002, 10:55 AM
Is anybody using the new MicroFiber cloths when detailing your car? I’d appreciate hearing your experiences and thoughts on using these cloths.

I’ve been playing with them for awhile now; they seem good for use with “quick cleaners” such as Meguiar’s #34, Zymöl Quick Clean, and Zaino Ultra Clean … I use a damp MicroFiber for initial wiping and another dry one for final buffing. I’ve also used them for buffing wax/polish … using a terry towel for initial buffing and then finishing with the MicroFiber and a little Zaino Ultra Clean. They seem to give good results on my Jet Black Z3.

The more expensive MicroFiber cloths are much softer and seem to clean better than the “cheapies” from places like AutoZone.

Nick T. -- Charter member of ARZOA

06-07-2002, 12:28 PM
Gong with JT International at

People on the board spoke highly of his mf towels and his prices are very low. I just placed an order for 20 16x16 plush terry and 2 28x54 waffleweave towels.

Here's his pricing that he emailed me:

16x16 inch soft,plush terry towel 2.00
16x36 inch same as above 4.75
19x39 inch same as above 5.50 (only 2 left)

16x24 inch waffleweave 4.00
28x54 inch waffleweave 16.50

15x15 inch "suede" microfiber towel 2.00

14x16 cm suede optical cloths 0.40

Prices do not include shipping and depends on your order size. I accept
PayPal email: , VISA MasterCard, money orders.

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