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View Full Version : Microfiber = scratches??

9 Nines
06-17-2002, 08:20 AM

I think microfiber is a risky tool for car surface cleaning/buffing:

While very small strands it is still polyester. Polyester is more dense than your paint and therefore scratches it, no matter how small the strands. In other words, if you ground up diamonds into supper thin dust, would you wipe it over your car and not think you would get scratches? Therefore, the microfiber still scratches, as polyester does, just finer scrathces, as fine sand paper versu coarse sand paper. Your will not notice the scratches as easily(smaller scracthes) but more dulling of surface, more fine scratches.

I am not a chemical engineer but the above is why I will not try one.


best product you can get ... (m) HellrotCi
06-17-2002, 11:36 AM
for wiping or polishing anything, period. Have you ever tried any? Now it is true that polyester used with cotton will scratch, but the way it is used in the manufacturing of MF towels it is completely different. If you don't believe me, or even if you do, go to and search for microfiber. That site has more dedicated, [Oops!] retentive, car care fanatics on the web that any other place I have found. I'm a recent convert to MF. I never tried them before because I have a generous supply of cotton flannel polishing cloths. After reading the reviews on MF towels I bought two from AutoZone to try out. These are rated as being a good quality towel, but there are better ones to be found. These worked a whole lot better than my flannel cloths and made me a believer. The next day I ordered 20 polishing and 2 drying towels from JT International. You really should give them a try, I know you'll be surprised.

06-17-2002, 12:13 PM
The key is fiber versus strand. Buy curring the material into fibers two effects are created: 1) the increased interfiber space increase absorption and the ability of the material to gather dust/etc. 2) the short nature of fibers allow for better give in the final woven cloth which is way filiment polyester would be a problem.

PS .. I am a chemical engineer and have studied textile science.

9 Nines
06-17-2002, 01:58 PM
ine marring?

06-17-2002, 08:49 PM
you are very careful.

As a charter member of the ARZOA* I eased very cautiously into using microfiber cloths on my Jet Black paint. At this point I’m very comfortable using them for everything except heavy cleaning. They pickup all manner of foreign matter … so you <B>must</B> be careful to use only <B>clean</B> cloths. If you drop it on the floor or ground, then pick it clean and put it in the “to be washed” box. Do the same after cleaning off the suicidal bugs from the front of your car.

I live at the end of a 1/3 mile crushed granite road … very dusty in the dry California summer … and do a lot of dust removal. A California Duster (very lightly) first, then spray detailer and a microfiber cloth (also very lightly)… no swirls or scratches. YMMV

* <B>A</B>nal <B>R</B>etentive <B>Z</B>3 <B>O</B>wners <B>A</B>ssociation<br><BR>

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