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06-22-2002, 01:40 PM
Welcome to the new and improved Roadfly F-Type Forum! All posts made under the old forum are still available via <a href=""><b>this link</b></a>. Any posts made within the last day or so that asked questions might need to be made again to make sure people see them who haven't visited the board in a couple of days.

There will soon be a fully-functional search engine for this board--that is one of the main reasons for the move to this new software. The new software also allows us to give you the ability to <a href=""><b>set preferences</b></a>, including a custom signature should you want one. Note the links to 'insert pic' and 'insert link' just above the message posting form--these should make it easier for people to post such things without knowing HTML. UBB/vBulletin codes (some) are supported by this board as well for those of you that are familiar with them. Now's a good time to point out that if you need some web space to store pictures of F-Types so that you can post them here for others to see, Roadfly offers you a few MB free to use as you wish--just click on the Membership tab up above.

I hope everyone likes the new format--it really isn't terribly different visually from the old, but is a better base for us to build on to give you more features in the future!


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