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06-24-2002, 07:46 PM
Hey guys, I was discouraged when I couldn't find a wire adapter for my 88 735i so I said [Oops!] it and now I am going to re-wire everything so I still don't have to cut any original wires... I plan on having 2 12"s in a bandpass box in the trunk (got them today) and then new speakers in the front doors, new speakers in the back, and then maybe use the stock tweeters up front too depending on what shape they are in. So I have a question since I have never done a stereo system install. I know that I'll need an amp for each subwoofer... I plan on putting about 500 watts to each one. Does it make a difference if I use 2 500 watt amps or a 2 channel 1,000 watt amp? Should I put crossovers going to each speaker in the system set up? or just the subs and the tweeters? How many watts should I put to the front speakers and the tweeters to provide a good balance to the 1,000 watts of bass?

I'm sure more questions are bound to come up... especially since all I have so far is the two subs. Any suggestions on my smaller speakers? I'm at work right now so I can't check on my car but does anyone know the size of the rear speakers and the front door speakers in a 88 735i??? Thanks a lot.


06-26-2002, 11:26 AM
A couple of things to consider: First of all I don't have any experience with the '88 735, but I do have stereo installation experience in my '86 32es (premium stereo). In mine the crossover for the tweeter is built onto the frame of the woofer. If you replace the woofer make sure that your tweeter has a crossover. It would be a good idea to just buy a 2-way passive crossover for the woofer and tweeter. Now with the subs...If you are going to put 1000 watts under your two subs then you will probably need alot of amp under your mids and tweets. Of course then you will go deaf. You probably don't need that much power unless you are trying to compete. Anyways, that aside, a 50x4W amp (assuming its a clean 50W) will probably be fine. If you are going to be pushing the limits of your system, you may want to get a 100x4W amp. In my car I am using a 50x4W amp with my stock seperates (and a custom crossover) and a 250x1W amp for my 10" bazooka sub. It is plenty for me. If you need suggestions as to where to get crossovers or parts to make a custom one or if you have any other non-735 specific questions let me know.

06-26-2002, 01:19 PM

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