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View Full Version : Zaino - Is this stuff overrated or does it work

07-01-2002, 04:37 PM
anyone use Zaino lately. Call me a fan of the old school but P21S Gloss or 3m Glaze and a good coat of Blitz works for me. I've heard raves about the Zaino stuff but good ole' caranuba works.

How "slick" of a surface does it give. How long does it last. While I do like a glossy finish, some of the pics I've seen is waayyyy to glossy for me

07-01-2002, 06:13 PM
1) Very slick - VERY slick

2) Very glossy - the pics are pretty accurate

3) Bulletproof durability...I last applied Z to our Tahoe in October of 2001 - still beading today, July 1, 2002. I'm going to clay/clean/polish/Z this coming weekend. Doesn't really need it, but I've got the itch to do some detailing. :-)

4) It's nothing like traditional waxes - make sure you follow the directions verbatim, and that you use it very sparingly. Our special report: The Wax Test 2002 has all of the tips/tricks/info you're looking for.

Thanks & happy detailing!

9 Nines
07-01-2002, 06:26 PM
Tried it twice on two cars, both black. It looked no different than one grand blitz wax to me (put both on same car on different sections for comparison.) It is slicker but does not look different. Attracts dust just as much as wax, so that claim is bogus. I noticed more waterspots on it (every rain even after washing within hours. Never saw water spots with wax.

SO no benefit and possible negative attributes, water spots. Also, what does durability mean? If you plan to make your car look its best you are the type of peson to do detailing. So why is a product tah tlasts longer a benefit to you? Pollutants are going to get on the car. If you car about the car you will clean/polish ast least every two months. If waxes last three months then your two months are covered. So why would you care if osmething lasts six plus months???

07-01-2002, 09:56 PM
Before buying my Z3 I did some tests on an old hood. I’m in the Sierra, lot of sun and very little rain, so every once in awhile I’d spray it with the hose and toss dust on it … then later wash it with Meguiar’s. By the time I got the Z3 I’d narrowed my choices down to Zymöl for carnauba and Zaino for polymer. I did half of the car with Zymöl and half with Zaino a couple of times, and settled on Zaino because:

Zaino’s gloss is equal to or better than Zymöl. It’s easier to apply and buff than carnauba … you can do it in direct sun. Each coat adds to the depth of the color … important on a jet black car. And most importantly, Zaino provides and extremely hard surface … after high speed driving, just spray on a little #6 Ultra Clean and wipe the bugs off with a MicroFiber cloth … I live on the end of a crushed granite road with lots of dust, and the California Car Duster takes it right off without and marks.

I started with #5 to deal with the swirls that the dealer kindly installed (free of charge) during dealer prep, and have switched to # 2 on the areas where the swirls have been filled. 3M Imperial Hand Glaze has worked great for deeper scratches … such as where the cat jumped on the hood and tried desperately to not slide off. 1.25 oz of #5 or #2 with 4 drops of ZFX is enough to do the Z3

A few weeks ago I emailed Zaino with a couple of questions … got a prompt response asking that I phone them. I did and Sal Zaino spent about 15 minutes giving me detailed answers. He’s a long time auto painter and seems to really know auto finishes.

*(ARZOA) Charter memeber of the <B>A</B>nal <B>R</B>etentive <B>Z</B>3 <B>O</B>wners <B>A</B>ssociation<br><BR>

07-01-2002, 10:03 PM
caused by not removing the carnauba before applying Zaino. I've had no problem with water spotting ... and we have <B>very hard</B> well water here.

I did have a little trouble with streaking on the half of my car that had a couple of coats of carnauba under the Zaino, but after 3 or 4 coats of Zaino the straking dissappered.


9 Nines
07-02-2002, 07:32 AM
no wax left. The water spotting was from rain. I then washed it and the yremained. When I had wax, they did not. I think eitehr teh Zaino's open chain structure bonds to the minerals in the rain or when washing the durability of Zaino stays with the minerals, where as the wax would wash them away as some of it was lost in the wash.

I see no better results from Zaino in appearance - it is eitehr on par or below par with P21S Cleanerser (polish) and Blitz of P21S wax. Durability is no benefit to me, because I enjoy detailing my car every 6 weeks and one needs that to clean it, as stuff is sticking to Zaino or the wax as the weeks go by.

07-03-2002, 08:25 AM

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