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07-02-2002, 01:46 AM
for turning cats in to vapor???? I ask because this time the hairy little [email protected] came into my garage deposited scratches, paw prints and white fur from one roundel to the other. Sorry, just had to vent before I go out and wash my car, in the middle of the f%`@#^%& night!

07-02-2002, 05:31 PM
My wife and I have 4 dogs - 3 Great Danes and 1 Boxer/Pit mix...they keep our 2 cats away from the vehicles pretty effectively! HA!!

I feel your pain, and would strongly suggest a nice car cover - the NOAH covers are coming down in price and offer a great deal of protection. There's also the new "weathershield" material that is super lightweight, but it's pretty pricey right now.

I'm still chuckling about your original post - best of luck!

-Steve & "the Gang"

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