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07-02-2002, 12:02 PM

I'm looking for the following info on bigger injectors for my 1988 BMW 750IL:

1) Part #/Manufacturer for 24lb+ injectors
2) Do I need low/high impedence injectors?
3) I understand that the DME is adaptive upto 50lb injectors. Does this mean that I will not have to have the chip reprogrammed?

I'm planning to have the car supercharged w/ 12psi hoping to get approx. 500hp.


KC Ron Carter
07-02-2002, 03:14 PM
F5DE-24lb - "Navigator"

$207.60/6 see the WEB link.

You will need to get and istall a fuel mixture indicators to make sure that the TURBOs never causes the engine to go lean.

There are parasite indicators that use the present o2 sensors and use them to show fuel air mixture ratios. You may be able to use a y cable to feed information from two sensors to one indicator.

I can provide another link to air fuel indication if you need it.

I would think that the 500 hp would be very conservative using dual TURBOs with 12 psi. I might also suggest that the V12 TURBO may be a great idea but very hard to make it work.

Ron Carter

<img src="">

KC Ron Carter
07-02-2002, 03:21 PM
F5DE-24lb - "Navigator"

$207.60/6 X 2 see the WEB link below.

You will also need to get an indication of the fuel air mixture.

If you need a link for indication, please ask.

Here is my 3.5 six TURBO head.

<img src="">

Ron Carter

07-02-2002, 07:49 PM
Thanks KC Ron!
As you suggested and commented on, I chose to go w/ a supercharger instead of a Turbo because of:

1) Additional complexity of a Turbo configuration
2) There is virtually no space in the V12 engine bay (including underneath) in install a Turbo that is close enough to the exhaust. Also routing the tubes from a Turbo to the intake manifold inlets (2) would be some feat!

Earlier, I did have a twin supercharger setup (2 Powerdyne BD 550s) running 5psi but was not satisfied because the single belt drive setup in the engine bay was problematic - belt slipage despite an automatic belt tensioner. Also the twin blowers caused additional HP parasitic drain. Came up w/ a single Vortech Bloser setup feeding both intakes that will work!

If anyone is interested, I have the two Powerdyne blowers for sale! Make me an offer. These have ~ 1000 miles on them and in very good working condition.

Yes, I do have two A/F monitor along with injector duty cycle display that monitor each bank of 6 cylinders off the O2 sensors. These units are made by


Jim Roal
07-03-2002, 09:21 PM
You can buy injectors for a Mustang up to about 50lb/h high impedance (14.5 Ohm) and up to 160lb/h low impedance. Measure the resistance of your current injectors to see what they are. If they are 14.5 Ohm then they are high impedance. You can get a set of 8, 36lb/h high impedance Ford Motorsports injectors new for about $230. I have a spreadsheet online that will help you set up the fuel system including injectors sizing and fuel pumps. 24lb/h injectors in your V12 will support about 575HP, or 520HP at 90% duty cycle. You can buy 24lb/h Ford injectors for under $200 for a set of 8. You can get them online at The Ford injectors are just Bosch injectors or copies of them. They should fit perfectly. I used Ford injectors on my 318i turbo project and they worked great. Good luck.

07-06-2002, 11:12 PM

Please e-mail me more info on the powerdyne units you want to sell.

If you have pics of your installation I would be interested in seeing them as I have a 750iL.


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