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Ian 87 325ic
07-24-2002, 10:09 AM
My BMW cabrio has black leather seats. They have been treated with Lexol cleaner and conditioner regularly and are in excellent condition (even the driver's bolster). In the past, if I have noticed a tiny mark in the finish, I have used a toothpick and some quality black shoe dye (not wax) to touch it up which has worked very well. Now I'm wondering if there would be a problem treating the entire seat surface with this dye. I have had friends have their seats redyed professionally and, while the color is nice and uniform, it doesn't look factory. To my eye, the new color looks painted on rather than simply as if the leather is that color. I always feel that this new, painted-on looking finish is going to crack over time.

It's not as if the seats in my car have any cracks or discoloring. It's just that the color doesn't look 'black' anymore. They seem a bit faded.

Any thoughts?

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