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08-01-2002, 01:45 AM
Hey there,

what can I do to upgrade the sound system in the M Coupe without spending an arm and leg while retaining the factory subwoofer box (but can replace the woofer itself)?

Thanks a lot

08-03-2002, 01:10 PM
I am not knowledgeable about the specifics of the M-coupe\'s stereo (I am more of an E39 guy), but these basic ideas apply to all recent-model BMWs (consider them in order):

1. Upgrade the main cabin speakers. You can get good replacement speakers for ~$200, very good speakers for ~$400. Installation can often be done yourself. Check with other owners of the same car to find brands/models that fit in the factory locations without too much cutting/bending/ripping. This may actually increase your level of bass in addition to generally improving the sound. At least on the E39, the so-called 5.25\" front speakers have cone areas similar to 4.5\" speakers.

2. Upgrade the factory subwoofer. Same comments as with #1. Not sure how big the factory M-coupe subwoofer is, but Focal makes a rocking good 5.25\" subwoofer (the 5WS and yes, I am serious). However, you probably would want more than one of those. There are tons-o-choices for 8\" subs and above. A good sub can be had for $100-$200. If you are going to keep the stock M-coupe sub box, make sure that the replacement sub will work in that size enclosure. A good sub in a poorly sized box will disappoint.

3. Add a subwoofer amp. A bit trickier, since more wiring is involved, but you can usually tap into stock wiring harness without actually cutting any wires using this <a href=\"\">connector</a>. This is nice for warranty/resale reasons. A reasonable brand/model of amp should run you $200-$300. Make sure the amp can accept high-level (5V+) inputs since pulling low-level inputs out of the head unit requires cracking open to head unit itself.

4. Replace the main amp. Similar to #3, but more extensive. Similar price as well. If you go this route, consider a single amp with enough channels to run main speakers and sub.

5. Not recommended, but replace the head unit. It isn\'t recommended because recent-model BMWs integrate lots of other functions into the headunits that are hard/impossible to mimic with aftermarket equipment. A side benefit of keeping the stock head unit is that your stereo will look bone stock to any lowlifes looking to break into a car.

Prices above are for good brands purchased from Ebay or elsewhere on the \'net and assume you do the installation yourself. If you buy from a local shop and/or have a shop do the installation for you, multiply the prices by 2X-4X.

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