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08-01-2002, 11:59 PM
I went to a Meguiar's car care clinic recenly. The rep pushed some of their newer products. He claimed that the New Car Glaze, No 5 is a newer formulation that is better than the Show car Glaze No 7, especially on newer clear coat finishes. He also reported that the Polymer Sealant No 20 would give a higher gloss and last longer than the Hi Tech Wax No 26.

At one time I used the 7 followed by 26. More recently I have been using the Gold Class every 2 -3 months with excelent results. I'm thinking of trying this new combo but am curious if anybody has any experience with these products.

I have the Guru report and It makes no mention of these newer products.

08-02-2002, 01:08 PM
Meguiar's is infamous for constantly changing and tweaking their formulas, and then relasing them as "new" or sometimes they don't say a thing - they just change it and it's out there... :-0

I never was a fan of #7 - it was too hard to use, and really took a lot of work to wipe off. Further, despite the fact that they claim that it contains no abrasives, I detailed a gentleman's Z28 that had only been polished with #7 for it's entire life....he literally polished the paint off of the car in a few spots! :eeeeeek:

Anyway, I have #5 in my personal stash, but I find myself liking the P21S Paintwork Cleanser much better. It's easier to use and it provides a better depth/gloss/shine combo, in my opinion.

#20 has been around for a while and honestly, it was an oversight on my part for not including it in the test. I think that as it stands, we tested 5 or 6 meguiar's products, so I skipped over #20. Rest assured it's in the next test, which I hope to start organizing in late August.


08-12-2002, 10:12 PM
New Car Glaze isn't that new... They renamed it quite a few years ago to that. One of the Meguiar's trainers(Mike Phillips) posted to usenet about it a few years ago and said it's really a cleaner and more aggressive than the #7 Show Car Glaze and thought it was misnamed. I found the post on, so I'll include it here. Maybe the trainers are now being told a different story? I should look around to see if I can find a session like that I can attend and ask more questions.

I've been using #7 and #20 for many years now, about 14(with #7 at least, about 8 years with #20). I first had Meguiars recommended to me back in '88 when I was trying to restore a '78 Mustang. I sold the car after only a few months of pain keeping it running, but I kept the Meguiars products. :)

I generally don't clean my paint except in the spring after winter(I live in Minnesota) when I'll apply a coat of #6 cleaning wax. (Or #9 which is a cleaner mixed in with #7) Then I'll go back over with #7 and finally #20. I find applying #7 makes applying and removing the wax much easier.

#7 is pretty easy to apply, you don't have to be real aggressive with it the main purpose is really just to fill in the paint and replenish oils and such. You don't want to let it dry completely, 5-10 minutes tops in the shade, otherwise it's hard to remove(might be why steve had a bad experience?).

#20 gives a good shine, but I don't think it's as high-gloss as #26, but it definately lasts longer. Being in Minnesota I only get to wax my car maybe 3 times a year. Once in around May, again in July and finally in September or October. For the six months of winter, the car doesn't get very good care(just too cold out!). #20 seems to give a good bead about 3-4 months in to the winter, which is better than any other product I've tried.

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