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Duke - M535i/Hartge
08-09-2002, 09:02 AM
<CENTER><FONT COLOR=green SIZE=8>5er Fest Metric Mechanic $6000 Engine Raffle</FONT></CENTER>

<CENTER><FONT COLOR=blue SIZE=5>HP output (M30 3.7L) is – 260 (net), Torque – 260 ft/lbs.</FONT></CENTER>

<CENTER><FONT COLOR=red SIZE=5>IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A M30, you can use $6000 for any engine work you want!</FONT></CENTER>

This is a fantastic opportunity to have some real cheap horsepower!
Odds on winning depend on number of entries. If less that 100 entries are purchased all money will be refunded to ticket buyers. If over 200 entries received, two engines will be given away and one more for every 100 entries after that.

<FONT COLOR=red>Deadline for (mail in) entry is 4 October 2002.</FONT> Entries will be accepted at 5er Fest. Drawing(s) will be held on 13 October at 5er Fest. <FONT COLOR=red>Need not be present at 5er Fest to win.</FONT>

Any money collect above the purchase amount will be used for gift certificates for BMW vendors to be used at 5er Fest for door prizes and car show awards.

Winner is responsible for engine and core (M30 required) shipping – approx. $400

Tickets are $57 each. You can buy as many as you want. This is a $6000 engine.

Make check to:
“5er Fest Raffle”
Send Raffle money to:
5er Fest Raffle
363 Hope Creek Dr.
Richmond Hill, GA 31324

You can also pay via PayPal – Add $2 for Paypal fees. PayPal account –


<img src=""><br>Duke
85 M535i/Hartge
5er Fest Chairman

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