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08-24-2002, 08:44 AM
Has anyone tried to hack in the control of the Alpine CHA-S634 MP3/CD changer with the Alpine CRM-1652RF remote controller?

This isn't a simple question, so here are some details: It is possible (and easy) to set up the CHA-S634 to be controlled by the stock headunit (at least in E46). This requires S634 to operate in M-bus mode (rather than the Ai-Net mode), requires the KCA-130B cable adapter, and requires the Soundgate ABMW35V5 control adapter. While this works fine and is clean, the navigation of the 400 or so MP3 files is tedius and there is no MP3 id tag display.

Alpine has a number of remote changer controllers which are all associated with FM-modulated interfaces. They are compact and will fit well into the front ashtray area of an E46, allowing the cover to be closed -- very clean and hidden. What I want is the audio quality of a direct wired baseband connection (as described above) with the control of one of these small remote controllers. There appears to be only one M-bus compatible controller -- the CRM-1652RF. So, it seems plausible to be able to break out the control signals from the M-bus connector, route audio through the Soundgate and the control to the CRM-1652RF.

An addional wrinkle is that it seems to me that the CRM-1652RF is discontinued (duh!) by Alpine. The user manual for it can be found on the Alpine technical site, (email me for the PDF file if you have trouble with this site as I did initially). It does appear available here, but that's the only place I've found!<br>
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Lexx, <A HREF=""></A>, E46M3 02/2002 TiSi/Blk/6sp

08-26-2002, 04:59 PM
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08-26-2002, 08:30 PM
can be done,Use the CRA1667 RF instead. This is the newer version of the same thing. Do you know of Anyway to set it up though so that the steering wheel controls strill work as well?

08-27-2002, 07:26 AM
and has no text display capability (I figured this out after DKSF pointed it out and I re-read the manual). DKSF is also suggesting the use of the CRA-1667RF unit (Ai-Net), bypassing the FM modulator for the audio signal. However the technique is quite invasive and I am waiting for further reports of it's success. The idea is that steering wheel volume control will be retained, track up/down is unlikely to be retained -- this is my other misgiving as well.

What the world really needs here is a control adapter from Alpine Ai-Net to the BMW headunit I-bus (rather than the Soungate and Blitzsafe M-bus to I-bus converters). Then, it ought to be possible to split off the controller signals (actually, this function ought to be build into such a converter). If I ever find any time, I might try to reverse engineer Ai-Net, M-bus, and I-bus and design such a thing -- it's actually very simple, once you know the protocols and take care to maintain careful analog audio design practices. Anyone have detailed specs of these protocols?<br>
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Lexx, <A HREF=""></A>, E46M3 02/2002 TiSi/Blk/6sp

09-04-2002, 08:15 AM
Wont happen,

Mbus does not support that (MP3 or text)data

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