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08-26-2002, 11:31 AM
Well, I thought I'd post an update to my earlier post where I was seeking advice on how to mount the Phatbox in my '97 528i.

There's no stock installation kit for the E39, so I had to fabricate one myself. I was going to just mount the unit on sheet metal and span it in front of the amp with "L" brackets, but as luck would have it, I came across two metal braces left over from my garage door opener install. (I'm not sure what you call them, but they look like the perforation left over when you tear off the edges of a computer-generated form.) There are four holes in the base plate that the amp is attached to, so I took measurements, and made four 90 degree angle bends on each of the braces to span the amp (1st photo in link below). Then I took 4 bolts and just stuck them in the holes to hold the braces in place and placed the Phatbox over the brace and marked where each of the holes aligned on the brace. Then I removed the braces and drilled 4 small holes to accept the Phatbox screws they provided. (You can kinda see them in the picture.) After rechecking that everything lined up, I securely fastened the four brace bolts to the amp base, and then attached the Phatbox to the braces with the 4 screws. (Photo 2)

There's barely enough clearance with the cartdridge inserted, but the compartment door closes for a concealed installation, one of my primary objectives (Photo 3).

It took me the better part of Saturday afternoon to complete the installation, mostly because I had a terrible time trying to fasten the bolts on the botton two holes. There ain't much space there, even for relatively skinny fingers like mine!

Gotta say that the system is awesome! I would highly recommend this rather elegant (albeit expensive) solution to playing your MP3s in the car. I understand that they have sold out the summer run, but promise another one for fall.

Now I have to work on editing my ID3 tags, because the system heavily depends upon the quality of your tags.

'97 528i

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