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08-26-2002, 03:49 PM
I am replacing the stock amp on my 97' 540i with an Alpine four channel amp. I have two sets of component passive corssovers to route the right signals to the right speakers. (3-way for the front) (2-way for the rear). My only dilema is a detailed diagram of the wires goint to and from the amp, and the speaker designations for each of the 10 speakers. I know how to test these, and find out which one is which, but it is a pain in the [Oops!]! Would really like a schematic to save me the trouble...


08-26-2002, 05:22 PM

* The wiring diagram on bmwtips may have a polarity mistake for one of the speaker leads, check them all with a 1.5V AA battery to make sure.

* Scan below for the recent woes with balanced vs. unbalanced wiring in the E39 (and other recent models).

* The headunit pumps out more than 10V. If your amp can\'t handle that, get a line converter or another device with one built in (AudioControl Matrix, EQT(4), EQX(2), EQS, etc.)

* Your 3-ways may not fit in the stock locations, the space for the midrange is tiny and I\'ve yet to see a midrange made that small.

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