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Dan Wang
08-30-2002, 03:28 PM
I currently have:
Clarion AutoPC 310C
GPS Unit
Stock speakers up front
JL stealths in the rear
4x50 old school alpine amp

I have in my possession now ready to install:
Clarion VRX925VD/MP3 in-dash unit
Clarion DVH920 DSP 5.1 processor
Clarion CD changer
Clarion TV tuner.
McIntosh MC440M 4x50 and 2x100 6-channel amp
MB Quart 325I 3-way components

Still need to buy 2 TOSLink digital cables.

So I also need some expert advice.

Should I invest in some better front components up front, like focal, Diamond Audio, Boston Acoustics, or A/D/S?

Should I ditch my JL stealth box subs for some rear fill and use some separate components and use (2) 10Ē subs in a aperiodic membrane setup? Or should I keep the JL stealths and screw rear fill. I donít want to lose trunk space.

Any help is appreciated.


08-30-2002, 05:45 PM
Sound localization (determining direction) happens at ~80Hz and up. By having those sounds play from the rear of the car, it just smears the front sound stage and pulls it back. Top sound quality competition cars rarely ever have rear-fill. For some people (myself included), sound staging and imaging are a big part of quality music reproduction. For others, as long as the tonal balance is good, they don't care about soundstage for whatever reason. If you are part of the former group, I highly recommend NOT using rear-fill.

To the first part of your question, get what speakers sound good to you in other in-car installations that are similar to yours. Quality is a hard thing to guage with speakers--there are some speakers that look beautiful, machined baskets and exotic cone materials, that don't sound very good, and there are other speakers that look cheap (and may even be cheap $), but they sound great in a good installation. MB Quarts tend to have a foward presentation (bright mids and highs)--some people really like this and others hate it. Focals are closer to MB Quarts than A/D/S, FWIW.


08-30-2002, 06:01 PM
I am a rear-fill minimalist, but I still have the rear speakers on. I use the rear fill circuit of my Diamond Audio crossovers and have them set at -10dB vs. the front. The attenuated signal, combined with the fact that I am physically closer to the front speakers, means that the rears are probably about 1/4 as loud as the fronts.

I can\'t \"hear\" (read: locate) the rears but can tell if they are turned off. This is not true for back seat passengers, but you can\'t optimize for all seating positions concurrently.

That\'s enough to give some spaciousness but not enough to screw up the soundstage.

The super cool thing about using this fixed-fader approach is that I have wired the headunit\'s fader control such that it controls the sub (specifically, the four interior speakers run off of the front outputs and the sub runs off of the rear outputs).

BTW, I complete concur with dB\'s assessment of speaker \"quality\". Listen, listen, listen.


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'00 540iA/Sports, Anthracite/Black
18" Mille Miglia MM11-2 Sport w/Bridgestone S03 PP
H&R Sport Springs and Koni Sport Shocks
Way bitchin' stereo

Dan Wang
09-02-2002, 09:44 PM
So should I ditch my JL stealthboxes for some real enclosed boxes?

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