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08-30-2002, 06:25 PM
Pulled the stock "Premium" system with DSP and replaced the entire system with new multimedia head unit, front speakers, amps, preamp/eq, and subwoofers. The project started out modest with just wanting to replace stock speakers and add subs but then it grew to an entirely new system. I did loose the OBC function through the MID but can still access some functions through the turn signal stalk, namely fuel consumption and date/time. That wasn't a too big a sacrifice. The sound quality of this new system is top notch and can rival any "competition" cars out there, only not quite as loud.


Ecllipse DVD/CD/MP3 multimedia head unit
Dynaudio System 360: 6" woofer in door stock location, 3" mids and 1" dome tweeters in kick panel pods. There are no speakers in the rear.
Zapco SX-SL preamp/eq/crossover
2-Xtant 2100 amps bridged mono 100W, one for each front channel
1-Xtant 6100 monoblock amp for subwoofer 300W
2-Focal 133H 13" freeair subwoofer

Next is to add a CD changer and possibly a NAV system. Other mods being done to the car: Rev's CAI, Magnaflow cats, ACS exhaust, remove resonator, GIAC ecu/sw, Dinan tranny s/w, angel eyes, celisr rears. (Sorry for the multiple pic posts)

09-10-2002, 11:48 PM
I saw your install... I have a few Questions... How do your subs sound? Do they get as loud as you like or do they break-up at loud volumes? Are they really deep sounding? Have you recorded your decibals? How is your sound stage it truely at eye level or is it at dash level? What would you change if you could do it all again? i.e. is there anything you would like to change about the subs? Maybe sealed enclosure? I ask cause I have been installing for 10 years, I just bought a '97 540i 6-spd. I have gathered what I think I am going to put in... tell me what you think... I have a set of 3-way Focal Utopias, each 4" and tweeter run off a original Tube Driver 750(75wX2RMS) and the 6" run off a original Tube Driver 1500(150wX2RMS). With the 4" and twet in Factory Locs, and 6" in the floor(firewall). Now, the subs I bought a set of Image dynamics IDQ15s(15" subs) I was planning on cutting out the rear seat so the subs(in a sealed box) fired into to the car completely sealed off from the trunk... My biggest issues are losing my trunk to a 3 cubic foot sub box and losing the spare well to my amps... In case you are wondering I have IN CURRENTLY a Kenwood KVT911DVD in dash(6.5inch monitor w/tv tuner, and DVD player built in) with two 8" kenwood monitors in the head rest, and a couple off temporary subs and amp 4 now... Sorry long, but you got me excited.... Questions? Just ask...

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