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09-20-2002, 10:13 PM
I've done some messing around with the TurboTronics box and the J&S Knock control box. I ordered one of the J&S dual monitors the have the knock retard indicators and AFR monitors built with amplification. Hooked it up and made ~25 runs playing with different settings with monitor just laying on the ashtray. Using Dinans settings and then pulling back the advance curve, I've got the turbo runing 1.2Kg/cm2(17psi) in 4th :-) Now, I'm not sure what power that will make, as the advance may sap lots of power, but it's pretty impressive. Theres still issues with the TT box from Dinan, so I set it back to Dinans settings. I believe it needs new software to run 17psi. The eprom in the box says 14psi. When i make the 17psi runs, theres a flat spot right at 14psi, but then the car kicks in big again and great to 5500rpms. I bet this is the TT box effecting the temp input to the DME right at 14psi. A little scary, but AFR seems fine(but may really be not, as I don't know how well the J&S monitor works). I can't hear any knock(but that doesn't mean there isn't any). At the dyno day, well see what DSR's AFR reading is.

One interesting thing, this turbo I have will only make 15psi max in 3rd gear. Cloesing the WG completely in 3rd will only produce enough exhaust energy with this size turbo for 15psi. Tomorrow, I'll make only two runs, 1 pull in 3rd, make sure all is OK, then cool the car and IC as much as possible for the final run in 4th, and see what happens. As tubo systems heat soak badly on dynos, and tomorrow seems to stacking up to be real hot in SJ.

I can't imagine what putting on the M30-b35 head will do. The b35 head has better air passages, larger intake tract and valve, lowers the CR to ~7.2:1 and I have purchased sodium filled valves for the exhaust. I guess maybe ~21psi and 380 rwhp?

I have made some dyno runs at DSR and have my plots at my website:

///M5 dyno day is at DSR starting a 9:30AM
Dynospot Racing
1798 Angela Street
San Jose, CA 95125
408.271.9800 phone
408.271.9880 fax

'88 535is Dinan Turbo Final Edition

09-22-2002, 10:19 PM

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