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10-06-2002, 01:21 PM
Having done some research it looks like there's just two choices: tried and perhaps true Dinan at $8995 or newcomer ESS at way, way less --$4995.

Now that some of you have put some miles on the ESS product, what's your feedback? The system seems quite similar to Dinan's -- both are ceramic bearing, ESS is a 6psi Powerdyne, Dinan claims 8psi but website doesn't state whether Vortech or PD. ESS seems to think they can do without the second fuel pump Dinan adds in sequence. Anyone find the second pump was needed? The big question I guess is the software -- the ECU tuning and MAF input adjustment for driveability across the rpm range. Any bugs to report?

Feedback on installation? I think I'd install either myself. Does ESS have their instructions straight now? Everything fit? Any fab required?

Has anyone run an independant dyno on either Dinan or ESS? ESS's hp claims are more inflated than Dinan's, especially if they are running 2 psi lower. On the other hand 8psi seems a lot to put through a non-intercooled system.

Finally, what exhaust system have you gone to?

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