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02-28-2003, 04:16 AM

02-28-2003, 04:21 AM

I am going to be taking delivery of my new Jet black M3 soon. Any suggestions on what I should use for the first wash/wax? I've been kind of following the Zaino posts but confused wether you need to wax after their Z2 polish. What's the story? I thought you always apply wax after you polish. Their website does not say anything about apply wax. And what the hell is the ZFX accelerator? How do you use it?

Any and all suggestions are appreciated.

02-28-2003, 06:45 AM
Others are way more experienced, but I'll give it a go. Waxing after Zaino is purely a personal choice, not necessary and not recommended by Zaino as you'll have to remove the wax before you can apply another coat of polish. Some like to "top" Zaino with a wax because they feel it gives a deeper gloss than Zaino alone. Many people that I respect on this board feel Zaino is fine as is.

ZFX significantly accelerates the drying/hazing time of Z2 or Z5 polish. That permits you to put more coats on in less time than without it. Most of the Zaino users here strongly recommend using ZFX.

Steve L., Bretfratz and Nick T. should be around any time now and give you some great Zaino info.

02-28-2003, 07:19 AM
It's Zaino's website and has a complete explanation of their products and usage. Learn about their product line and print out their application instructions first. Zaino has a steep learning curve and can be quite challenging to use for even an experienced detailer. You'll master it but it will take time. So decide if this is worth the effort and money before you commit to a specific product line. IMO, the minimum expenditure for Zaino is about $70. Plus you will need other polishes and cleaners for wheels, tires, interior, etc. If you are building a car care kit from scratch and want to use Zaino, budget a minimum of $150. Welcome to OCD car care!!

02-28-2003, 10:33 AM
I know several people that apply carnauba wax on top of synthetic products like Zaino and Klasse, this only attracts more dust and dirt to your car, and since carnauba wax does not have the optical clarity of most of the synthetic products you are just covering your car with oils, some people like that look, but Zaino does not recommend this. Zaino is called a "polish" when really it's a synthetic wax, because we know that polish containes abrasives, and Zaino has NO abrasives, when Zaino was invented the name "Show Car Polish" was used so there would be no confusion about Zaino being thought as a carnauba wax product. ZFX replace the need for Z-1, what ZFX offers is a faster drying time, you can also apply 3 coats in a day, if you want to, ZFX allows your polishes (Z-2, Z-3 and Z-5) to shine brighter and offers a "harder" finish. You would wash your car with Dawn, that safely removes any silicone oils or waxes that maybe on the car, I would then clay your car (it does make a difference) and then apply whatever product you choose to use on your car.

02-28-2003, 10:39 AM
Just another note, I have several seniors that use Zaino on their cars, 4 of them are women that never did anything but washed their cars, they now Zaino their own cars and help other seniors with their cars, Zaino is very easy to use, and most people find the cost reasonable because of all the applications they get from a bottle, I have an M5 and a Z06 Vette, with the 8 oz. bottle of polish I can get about 30 applications on my Vette and 16-20 applications on the M5. For your black M3 I would suggest looking at ZFX, Z-5, Z-6, Z-7 and Z-18 Clay Bar. Remember when using Zaino less is better, you need a very small amount.

02-28-2003, 11:15 AM
apart from only using tine amounts, 2 other things:

1, clean surface! Bret ( i think) suggested claybar, seems like a good idea if you really really want to make sure.. Zaino z2 does nothing to the surface of the paint (z5 only slowly fills in swirls), so what u see when you are ready is exactly what you will be protecting.

2, Good towels. MF is recommended, plus top drawer mitts and dryer. Zaino recommends cotton, but only the best. its a personal choice, but make sure you spend a lot here. the last thing you want is lint everywhere. You are spoilt in the US for choice!

03-01-2003, 11:02 PM
I've been using Zaino for about a year now on both my X5 and my wife's 325i. I am extremely happy with the product. I use Z1, Z2, Z6, Z7 and Z16 on the exterior of the cars, and Z9 and Z10 on the interiors.

Z2 is extremely easy to apply and wipe off. The 'tiny amounts' comments are very correct. I have yet to use ZFX...but will order next time around just for fun. After somewhere between 30-35 applications between the two vehicles I've still got a good 1/3-1/2 of the Z2 left. The Z1 hardly looks used. I've almost used up the need to order more there.

I have found that the leather care is very good. That after experimenting with numerous name-brand leather-care products. The passengers of my car ALWAYS and I mean *ALWAYS* comment on the nice smell the inside on my cars have. I use both Z9 and Z10 every 8-12 weeks.

Anyway...hope that helps. Good luck.


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