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02-28-2003, 12:26 PM
Im replacing the bumper cover on my 528 to the M5 bumper.
These are different fogs, but not sure what bulbs they use?
The stock 528 fogs were H7's but not the M5 fogs.

What is involved in making these fogs HID?
Who has the kit?
I want stage 1

02-28-2003, 12:48 PM
He has the M5 bumper and has installed xenon fogs. It\'s not a simple swap, as there are some nasty glare issues.

BTW, I *think* the M5 fogs are 9006.

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02-28-2003, 03:47 PM
They use a 9006 HID KIT with Relay, We are working on a fix to alleviate the M5 error code, It should be fixed shortley.


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