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03-02-2003, 02:40 PM
A couple of guys on another detailing forum have been heavily hyping <A HREF= TARGET=new><I>CrystalGuard</I></A>, a new polymer import from Japan .

Does anybody here know anything about it?<br><BR>
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03-02-2003, 03:57 PM
Another product to play with... :-)<br>

<a href = "" target = "_blank"><font face = "verdan"a color = "red" size = "2"><b>GURU REPORTS:</b></font></a> <i>Unbiased, imparital, practical testing and evaluation of car care products.</i>

03-02-2003, 04:45 PM
Check this <A HREF= TARGET=new>thread</A> before that charge card gets out of your wallet!<br><BR>
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03-02-2003, 06:26 PM
when I log in it says I don't have permission to view the page..something must be wrong with my autopia account.

03-02-2003, 06:59 PM
It's a long thread and wold fill several screens.

Go to Autopia and login - something must have happend to your cookies. If that doesn't work, then email <A>David</A>.<br><BR>
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03-02-2003, 08:07 PM
i am not able to get on the web page. would it be possible to either post the info or email it.
mucho appreciated!

03-02-2003, 10:00 PM
The CrystalGuard thread is way to long to copy and email or post here - several screens worth of posts.

Todd, Wayne, and anybody else that is having difficulty with my previous link, try this <A HREF= TARGET=new>link</A> instead.

If you are not registered at Autopia or have cleared your cookies you may have to go to <A HREF= TARGET=new>Autopia’s</A> main page and register or login. The thread is: Autopia > Detailing > Detailing Product Reviews > Crystal Guard Sealant Review
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03-03-2003, 12:58 AM
still no luck:(
thanks for trying though.... wayne

03-03-2003, 11:32 AM
Got on the web site for Crystal Glo sounds to good too be true Last forever all you need to do is apply their detail spray every 6 to 9 months .They say to be careful on how you wash the car it will scratch so it will have to be polished How long is forever on auto paint anyhow Also no prices cost from nothing too everthing

03-03-2003, 01:06 PM
Lots of advertising hype complete with great pictures and some contradictions. Comparable to the “health supplement” and “physical fitness” products adverted on late night TV and radio.

But, that does not automatically mean that the product is of low quality. It may be that they just don’t know much about promoting the product! Nobody will know for sure until there is a larger consumer base.<br><BR>
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