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View Full Version : just got back from check'n out the s2.......

03-25-2002, 09:12 PM
i didn't get to test drive it today but that will be soon. it's being tuned for autoweek so when they're done with it, it'll be my turn! :)

initial response from the first sight since the LA auto show was complete gettiness!!! i was giggling to myself from joy overload! she's a beauty alright... front to back, top to bottom. i'm not in love with the laser blue, but the lines of the elise are soo beautiful it was irrelavent. the more you look(or lust!) at it, the better the lines look. when i first saw pictures of the s2, i wasn't too pleased by the edgy aggressive lines since i've been in love with the original elise and exige. now i just love it to death!

when inside the driver's seat, you get a feeling of intimacy and connection as if the car was an extension of you. instrument's are laid out very nice, everything an enthusiat's need's is in it's place nice and visible.

it has the race tech option which looks way better in person! i thought it looked kinda mickey mouse in the brochure, but my oppinion is totally the opposite now. race tech option pack for me!! and the race tech option also includes the crossed drilled rotor's which this example also has. the top mechanic mentioned that the crossed drilled rotor's are a bit noisy compared to the regular disc's, no problemo to me!

the plastic cover for the shifter was kinda flimsy and the shifter component's are well exposed if you look over the shifter area. but ask me if i care... :)

the gear's are a little notchy and would take some time to get use to them it seems. i was only sitting in the seat going through the gear's for probably close to 2 minute's and i have to say it's not easy! but it's not hard,it just takes some time to get in the groove. i really didn't go through the gear's much at the auto show, here i had all the time i wanted but i just didn't want to wear out my welcome. i think my 01' M coupe's gear's are pretty easy to shift into, but i can miss 3rd quit often under full throttle so imagine the s2! yikes! i'm sure dp can fill us in on this subject since he know's first hand..... poking my dp voodoo doll as i type! ;) but i'm WILLING to learn, so shifting shouldn't be too hard. >;^)

the pedals are kinda close together but that's not a problem.

that's all i can say for now, gotta get dinner. if anyone has any question's i'll try to answer them but i was only looking and sitting in it, i didn't get to turn the key. oh, and yes we are getting the gts engine. i can't say where i heard this, but it sound's 99% confirmed and it will be tweaked! but you didn't hear it from me, and i don't know what your talking about? huh? gts what? i heard you can lose your job at lotus for leaking information so...

03-25-2002, 09:48 PM
...what was leg-room like for you? Take a camera with you the next time you go and snap some pics for the rest of us! :-)<br>

03-25-2002, 11:46 PM
it's not as fitted as the M coupe, the seat goes back quite a bit. in my oppinion the seat would fit comfortably for someone even 6'4" maybe even taller.i did take some picture's but i don't know how to post them. wait till my friend get's here and he'll do it for me. ASAP

98 Blue M
03-27-2002, 09:52 AM
It just a major pain trying to crawl in and out. It's a little easier to
get in than out. Most people at the track were litterally crawling
out. But without a helmet it should be easier and without the
softtop then with wouldn't have been a problem at all. If the
steering wheel moved up or popped off it would a 100 times

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