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12-11-2000, 04:06 PM
Well, I wrecked my 944 the other day. I'm wondering what to do now? Can anyone quickly give me some advise on what to do with the car? Do I sell it as-is? Part it out? Fix it? I ran it off the road and planted it in someone's juniper shrubs before hitting a tree at about 20mph. The front left cowl is destroyed as is the front valance. The front left suspension is torn up too, but the engine is fine. The rear valance is messed up, but may be fixable. Unfortunately, I could have tweeked the uni-body frame. What do ya think? And can someone specifically tell me how to diagnose whether or not I bent the frame without towing it to some shop? I appreciate any help.

12-11-2000, 04:35 PM
I dont know how to tell if the frame is bent. but part the car out you will get more money out of it. I have a 1991 944s2 cabrio for sale for $16,500. But definitly part the car out.

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