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Charlie White
01-27-2001, 02:01 AM
356 PORSCHE FACTORY TECHNICAL INFORMATION AVAILABLE: See samples of these items at the following website: (A) 356 PORSCHE EXPLODED-VIEW PART DIAGRAM SETS: Exploded-view part diagrams are the line drawings from the original factory parts books. They show all parts/all models down the the last screw in exploded-view format so you can see how parts go together. Great for restoration, assembly and disassembly. Each set comes in 3-ring binder. Exploded-View Part Diagram sets include the line drawings only. (1) 356-Pre-A Porsches (1950-1955), 51 pages-$14. (2) 356-A Porsches (1956-1959), 74 pages-$17. *(3) 356-B T-5 Porsches (1960-1961), 72 pages-$17. *(4) 356-B T-6 Porsches (Supplement to 356-B set)(1962-1963) 46 pages-$14. *(5) 356-C Porsches (Supplement to 356-B set)(1964-1965) 42 pages-$14. (6) COMPLETE SET, all years/models 1950-1965, 285 pages-$60. *3 & 4 or 3 & 5 together in one binder-$25. (B) 356 FACTORY WORKSHOP MANUALS: These are copies of original factory workshop manuals, presented in 3-ring binders. (1) Pre-A factory workshop manual, Pre-A cars 1950-1955, (copy) 350+ pgs-$45. (2) 356-A factory workshop manual, A cars 1956-1959, (copy) 500+ pages-$65. (3) 356-B/C factory workshop manual, 356 B T-5 cars 1960-1961, 356-B T-6 cars 1962-1963, and 356-C cars 1964-1965, (copy) 900+ pages-$85. (C) 356 PORSCHE COLOR-CODED WIRING DIAGRAM: 11 X 17 color reproduction of an original factory poster showing the color coded wiring diagram for a 356 B T-5 Porsche. This diagram is generally applicable to all 356 Porsches, although there are minor variations-$7. All prices include postage in USA. Inquire about out-of-USA postage cost. All books in 3-ring binders. Your satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back. Call or email for additional information. Charlie White 8639 E. Via de los Libros Scottsdale, Arizona 85258 USA Phone: 480-367-8097 evenings Email:

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