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bob lapp
03-12-2001, 11:39 PM
i bought a bra for my 951 and have had a heck of a time installing it. it was bought direct from the dealer. there r straps with hooks on them? where do these go? directions are very poor. also when it is stretched on the front, the hood does not close. my car has never been wrecked, so i don't understand this problem. anyone else have this problem?

Charlie R.
03-13-2001, 01:46 PM
Hood doesn't close??? I thought you had to loosen the top of the bra to close the hood and the hood slipped underneath the bra.

Hopefully someone else has more experience w/ bras than me ;)

The velcro metal tabs bend/form fit around the edges of the fenders and under the lower spoiler lip.

Scott and his 951
03-15-2001, 09:46 PM
Mine has never been wrecked also and I'm using a Colgan Bra. For the straps, the ones on the sides go around the finder lips. There are also some that go into the engine bay and slip around the sides of the engine and one or two long hooks that go over the air cleaner and hook to the cross member. There are two that I can't figure out though, they are the ones that are at the front of the car at exactly the same spot as the fog and amber lights. I just wrap the under and make sure they won't come loose and drag. As for the hood closing I have a horrible time with that problem, so much so that I quit using the bra altogether.

04-04-2001, 07:02 PM
Hey guys,

What is the problem with the bra? Okay I have a couple of Colgan bras (both bought in 97 or 98) I have been running them during the summers for well 2+ years.
Rule 1 when initially fitting is lay them out in the sun for a hour or so to get them pliable. Stretch the hot (warm) bra on the car and gently form the outer hooks (not all the way tight) stick the tabs in between the running lights, hook the inner hooks on the radiator/hood latch sppt,
The lower straps with hooks on them are a little strange, the good news is that the two outer ones go diagonally inboard to little (1 1/4") holes in the plastic undertray, the center one goes straight back and hooks (sort of) on the back of the undertray (near the center screw mount)
These straps are not elastic and therefore should be formed and attached first and then use the outer hooks (the ones you will form fit last) for the tension to keep everything tight.

lets see oh yeah the four hooks that interface with the hood, the two center ones are fairly easy if a little tight, the two outer ones require a -|_ bend in them and once you have formed these they sit down in the channel and wrap around and down .

If I am standing in front of the car and looking at the drivers side upper inner hook the bend goes (from the bra inboard) down half an inch/left half inch/up same/and wraps over and down.

I hope this helps, the only problem I have had is an ill fitting left headlight cover on the bra and it's only a problem at 90 or so.

Are these bras pr232's?

Good luck

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