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04-07-2001, 09:35 AM
I have a 1990 C2 and have a performance chip that was given to me by the original owner. I was wondering if anyone has any documentation on how to install it.

I have previously removed the unit from under the drivers seat and opened it but when I tried to remove the circuit boards they would not come apart. As I do not want to damage the unit, I could use some help.

FYI..I can see where the unit has been opened before by the small scratches on the bottom of the EFI control unit.
If there is a way, I would like to install this chip to see if there is (as previous owner said) a huge difference in performance.

Any help would be appreciated,

Thanks, D.Young

Charlie R.
04-07-2001, 10:01 AM
Do be very careful w/ the boards. They are easy to break. They do take a "little" pressure to unsnap. You are on the right track just be careful. You can try over at and see if they have .pdfs of their install instructions. Any newer model instructions will do once you're looking at a Bosch DME they all pretty much look the same.

Anyway, you're on the right track just be careful.

re: more horsepower. it's there and you should be able to feel it but it's not huge.

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