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05-06-2001, 06:59 PM

Josh Heydorff
05-31-2001, 11:39 PM
I would definately say that 89 is the best year for the 930. It is the last year of the older 911 bodywork (and arguably the last true 930) vs. the later models. (Turbo 3.6,993TT,996TT, and the GT2)The newer models are much more advanced, and easier to drive with thier twin turbos, the TRUE 930's demanded competence and responsibilty. Also, the other major accolade the '89 has over the earlier cars is that the '89 received the 5-speed Type G-50 transmission, which replaced the old 4-speed type 930 tranny. So, the '89 is pretty unique. However, if budget were not an issue, I strongly feel that the '97 Turbo's' is far and away the best turbo of all time, even compared to the new 996 Turbo. However, Porsches are all about opinions, and what you like.
Another cool thing about the '89; it came in six configurations: Coupe, Targa,and Cabrio, with both Regular, and Slant-Nose front ends (the slant noses, or sonderwunschen, are called the 930s). Convertible 89 930's tend to command at least 50k, and if it's a factory slant nose(930s),typically more. The "s" in 930s does not mean "slantnose" or "sonderwunschen", Porsche has used the "s" designation since the 356's to identify the "Super" or higher performance models.
The other thing about the 930's is that they are a true drivers car. No Power Steering, no traction control, a VERY stiff clutch, and if you lag on the turbo going in to a corner, and the boost kicks in at mid turn apex you could be in some serious trouble, pirouetting down the road like a ballerina. If you have never driven a 930, just know that when that Turbo kicks on, you had better not have anyone in front of you, because these suckers can launch pretty hard. Fortunately, 930's (and all 911's) have The Greatest Brakes of ALL TIME, which is the only thing that keeps the 930 from being a suicide machine. the 89 930 in US trim had 282-300 HP on tap, and is also lighter than the Turbos which came after it. In a drag race between a brand spanking new Carrera (which has 300hp, and 6 gears) and an 89 930, the 930 shreds it every time.

Finally, If you are looking to Purchase a 930 as a daily driver, then any 78 or newer will do, 89 or otherwise. But you might want the 89 if you drive on the freeway, just for cruising , but tooling around town, the 4 speed gear box works just fine. The Gears on the 4 Speed Boxes Are TALL. Some Porsche Nuts like the 4 speed even better than the 5 speed. The fourth gear easily gets the 930 up to 155 MPH, just to give you an idea. If you are looking to buy a 930 as an investment or a show car, then the 930s would be worth while seeking out, and especially a convertible, or a Normal-faced Convertible for that matter. Remember; The 930 was imported in the US from 1975 (very few of those left btw) until 1979. The '78, and '79 cars are better, because Porsche finally added an intercooler, and punched the engine out to 3.3 liters. That engine was used for the next ten years. The 930 was still built between 80-85, but not sold in the United States. The 930 came back in '86. The 930 was still sold in Canada and Mexico, and there are a few of them which have been "federalized" or made emmissions compliant for the US. These are commonly referred to as "Grey Market Cars" I would avoid those, regardless of condition or price. Hope that helps.

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