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05-07-2001, 02:09 PM
Hi. My father just purchased a 1999 911 Coupe 6 speed w/ 30K miles for $59,900. Car has Hi-Fi sound, CD player, aluminum trim, and thats pretty much it. Car looks like it is in perfect condition w/ a few blemishes on the interior that the dealer swore would fix! I love the car but my father jumped into the descison w/o question b/c he got a really good trade in on his Caddy Eldorado Convertible. My question is what do you guys think. Was $59,900 fair for the car???
Also after going throigh the manual I found the cars sticker that listed it at approx $71,000. Cars original owner purchased it from Champion Motorsports in South FLA. Any input on this car will help.

Thanks again,

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