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Charlie R.
05-21-2001, 01:31 PM
Oops! Someone emailed me and reminded me I never posted the winner of the Ronal USA, Wheel and Tire Giveaway.

Congratulations to Tom Cheatum of Texas. He's a regular on the Z3 board.

Here's a quote from Tom. <i>"Had my new wheels and tires mounted today and they look great. And the ride was as smooth as Gary (from Ronal) said it would be. Those Pirelli P Zero Rossi tires are all right. Even got Smart Tire working but still have to study it some."</i>

Tom won the following:

Wheels: Ronal LZ Eleganz (two piece aluminum/Titanium alloy) 18X8.5 with
Smart Tire air pressure monitoring system.

Tires: Pirelli P Zero Rossi 225/40ZR18-PI-R
<img src="" height="275" width="450"></center>


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