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06-13-2001, 02:49 AM
Ok, this all started when i found out the brother of one of my friends was looking to sell his 77' VW Rabbit. He had planned to set it up for racing but things changed. Anyways, He was looking to get $500 for it, though for racing it should have a new trany and engine. Anyways, as i was looking into this another possiblity dropped into my lap. I may be able to get a 914 cheap (not sure how much, but probably less then it would cost to fix up the rabbit). Apparently the only prob with the 914 is that it goes through alternators rather quickly. On to the main point. I don't know which to get (if i can convince my parents to let me get one). I know you guys have a bias toward the Porsche, but i would really appreciate anything you have to say on this topic.

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