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06-28-2001, 03:11 PM
Since it's introduction in 1997 rumors have been circulating that Porsche would be expanding the Boxster line to include a Coupe, Turbo and the current Roadster.

2002 - Boxster Face Lift
The current Boxster will get a long awaited update in 2002. The face lift is expected to address complaints about lack of differentiation between the Boxster and the 911 Cabriolet. The Boxster will receive more unique headlights and aerodynamically improved bumpers. The exhaust will also be undergoing some changes, but details on that are unknown at this point.

2003 - Boxster Turbo
Talk of a Turbo version has been around for years but we may actually see one in 2003. The new Boxster will not only have more power but it will also have numerous weight-saving measures.

2004 - Boxster Coupe
Recently Porsche held focus groups in Germany to discuss to possiblity of a Boxster Coupe. Above is a computer enhanced photo of what it might look like. The new coupe would compete with the Audi TT and the BMW Z3 Coupes

06-28-2001, 09:42 PM
the "Coupster" was in ANehiem earlier this year for a customer focus group. That photoshopped boxster is lacking the side shark-like intake vents that the car has in socal. the vents were higher up on the front of the rear fender.

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